10 Actionable Steps to Make “Wealth THE Business”

1. Write your Life Vision: In the journey of life, a life vision equips you with the clarity and motivation needed to create a detailed plan to achieve it, making it easier to break down long-term goals into manageable steps. You can better manage your time and resources, prioritize what’s important, and measure your progress toward your goals.

2. Define Your Wealth Goals: Calculate the cash flow needed to fund your lifestyle expenses and impact on the world. From there, we can reverse engineer the wealth needed to achieve your vision. Discover your investor type and which investments to prioritize at a free upcoming virtual Wealth Builder Experience.

3. Educate Yourself on Wealth Strategies: Exploring alternative strategies, investments, risk reduction, and complimentary tax strategies. With an abundance of strategies available, our role is to guide you through selection and implementation, focusing on what aligns with your vision and have a proven track record of success among our members.

4. Assess your Resources: Start by reviewing your finances and applicable skills. Then select wealth strategies that match your resources. In Financial Journey, we help customize your plan to be the most efficient “work optional” route based on your competitive advantage and resources.

5. Thrive with Concentration:  Wealth grows fastest when you can focus on a business or real estate you know, control, and optimize. Always build with “scalability” and “sellability” to increase the business value and passivity by optimizing your team, financials, and SOP’s.

6. Survive with Diversification: Diversify across a variety of great investments. In summary, prioritize assets with these characteristics: appreciating, cash-flowing, liquid, or hard assets. If something doesn’t have at least two of these characteristics, don’t invest in it. Our members select from a menu of community-curated investments.

7. Double your Due Diligence: A single “loss” can kill portfolio growth filled with nine other “wins.” The #1 rule of investing is never to lose money. We focus on all the ways an investment can lose money before we get excited about its potential benefits. We leverage a community of millionaire peers who collaborate on due diligence to help filter out the losers. Finally, if you don’t truly understand something, don’t invest in it.

8. Optimize for Tax Efficiency: Taxes are the biggest bill you pay in life and the greatest killer of wealth growth. Learn how to structure your investments and business operations to legally minimize taxes. Many members use our advanced tax strategies to legally save 5-10% of their AGI.

9. Find YOUR People: Surround yourself with mentors and peers who have successfully made wealth their business, learning from their experiences and advice. Financial Journey facilitates a community of successful wealth builders, including masterminds and portfolio mentoring sessions.

10. Synergistic Portfolio Strategy: Every tool in its place, and every place has its tool. Your business, investments, and tax strategy should all work together within a cohesive plan to achieve your vision. Those synergies accelerate growth.

Case Study:

This sample scenario is based on real results many of our members get. Let’s say you implemented changes to your business from our education or meeting a key person in our community. This key insight helped with the next action step to make your business become more sellable, which resulted in an extra $100K in cash flow. Woohoo! (but we’re not done)

That extra $100K in cash flow means your business is now worth more and leads to a $500K increase in business valuation. Woohoo!! (but, we’re still not done)

Beyond having more equity for a potential exit, your success in business allowed you to invest $100K in an investment providing 12%+ cash flow, fueling progress toward reaching your “work optional” number. Woohoo!!! (but, we’re still not done)

That same investment provided a $90K tax deduction against your business income, saving you ~$35K in taxes. Woohoo!!!!

In summary, this person achieved higher business cash-flow, higher business equity, higher passive investment cash-flow, and saved on taxes. That’s the power of Wealth as THE Business.

Decision Time:

If you feel like you’re just taking educated guesses about investments and strategies while haphazardly building your wealth and hoping for the best, we should talk. You’re likely working harder than you need and missing out on some big wins.

We want to help you transform your finances into a “Wealth Business.”

We help our members live up to their full potential as financial stewards, allowing them to focus on people they care about and growing their impact in this world.

You can spend a decade or two figuring this all out yourself and then implement the information. Or you can join Financial Journey, and the acceleration and additional growth will more than pay for our very reasonable flat fee. We won’t accept you as a member if we can’t add significant value beyond the cost.

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