Certain Assets for Economic Uncertainty

Most economists are predicting a recession late this year. Predictions are the surest way to be wrong about something. 😉

However, we can look at macro-level trends to make some educated “bets” on the market.

As investors, we look at macro-level predictions to guide our micro-level investment. Meaning I select specific deals I believe are moving with long-term market trends instead trying to time the market.

Here are three assets we’re bullish on today:

1. 🔥 Direct investment into energy: Invest in oil & gas operators who acquire oil wells at a discount, refurbish them, and return all investor cash within a couple of years. Last month, our members invested with a trusted oil & gas operator, enjoying a 20-25% cash-flowing IRR.

2. 🏭 American Factories: Let’s invest in our stability and future by supporting North or South American mining, raw materials, and factories. As the world de-globalizes, we’ll split into three main trade areas. North and South America (1), Asia & Russia (2), Europe (3), and everyone will fight over Africa. Investing in mining, raw materials, and factories in North or South America is crucial and patriotic. Our FJ Members are investing in cash-flowing manufacturers, expanding their USA-based factories. Their products include the products for renowned brands like Chipotle, Cava, and Whole Foods.

3. 💰 Cash-flowing funds with liquidity: Gain financial independence and freedom by investing in private funds that offer consistent monthly returns of 8-13%, with monthly liquidity after an initial 3-12 month lockup period. We have access to an evergreen fund that provides a steady 9% IRR with monthly liquidity. Some members prefer to keep their excess cash in these funds instead of a bank account.

At our community, our members have access to a carefully curated investment menu, enabling them to quickly comparison shop the best deals.

With returns like these, maybe you’re already at “Work Optional.”

If your annual lifestyle cost is less than 10% of your net worth, then you could be at work optional by simply converting to some predictable cash-flowing assets. Why work harder and longer than you have to?

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