Community Steward Job Search

We’re looking for a Community Steward to join our team and help our Financial Journey community reach “work optional” – and beyond – to “wealth optimization,” supporting their desired impact and life vision. About the role: You’ll welcome each new member into our community, handholding them through onboarding and then periodically checking in with them […]

Wealth Strategies Guiding our Community

For 2024, uncertainty is unusually high, with the biggest names in finance making soft predictions. Below are my 2024 predictions based in part on the big names in finance and my personal observations: Uncertainty is unusually high, and expert predictions are unusually soft. The economic outlook remains fragile. Interest rates have peaked or will do […]

Certain Assets for Economic Uncertainty

Most economists are predicting a recession late this year. Predictions are the surest way to be wrong about something. 😉 However, we can look at macro-level trends to make some educated “bets” on the market. As investors, we look at macro-level predictions to guide our micro-level investment. Meaning I select specific deals I believe are […]