We’re looking for a Community Steward to join our team and help our Financial Journey community reach “work optional” – and beyond – to “wealth optimization,” supporting their desired impact and life vision.

About the role:

  • You’ll welcome each new member into our community, handholding them through onboarding and then periodically checking in with them to ensure they’re getting significant results.
  • You’ll facilitate engagement with our community and prospects by coordinating discussions and content on online platforms and Zoom calls.
  • You’ll collaborate with the rest of the team on content, resources, retreats, and circles designed around helping our members get results.
  • As the primary liaison with members, you’ll judiciously connect members with relationships, resources, and events.
  • You’ll want to be comfortable and happy working online (using tools like Zoom) to facilitate support for community-based virtual meetups and small groups and even a few live experiences per year.
  • You’ll be responsible for monitoring community health by tracking engagement and facilitating the growth of an authentic welcoming and supportive community.

This could be a great part-time or full-time role. We are looking for someone available from 3 days a week to full-time, with most hours being within an ordinary work week.

Valued Experience: (valued but not mandatory)

  • Knowledge of investing in alternative assets, wealth strategies, and working with accredited investors
  • Related industry experience: investing, real estate, family office, financial services, tax or professional services
  • Relationship management and engagement for a large group, community, fund, or non-profit
  • Software: Google Documents, HighLevel, PowerPoint, Ninety, Trello, Zoom
  • Strong written and verbal communication over Zoom, phone, email, social media, and forums

About you:

  • You care about each soul and have an outlook beyond this world. We’re simply stewards of our wealth and relationships while we’re here and have an eternal outlook.
  • You genuinely care. Not just felt but expressed. You’ll connect frequently with our community members. and empathize with members’ wins and frustrations. You go above and beyond to meaningfully connect and support a member of our community.
  • You have a servant’s heart. You shine positivity, hospitality, and encouragement in a genuine desire to serve and help our members feel like they belong to an authentic community.
  • You’re proactive. You don’t wait; you take the initiative. You ask. You act. You look for ways to support people before they even know they need help.
  • You’re a team player. We’re not looking for rockstar performers, so much as rock-solid team-mates. You’ll notice when someone could use some support, and you’ll offer to help.
  • You get results. You’ll give fanatical attention to helping the Financial Journey community get results and help us constantly improve the way we deliver Financial Journey. You’re expected to flag issues as you see them and actively participate in creating solutions.
  • You show integrity. You prioritize and protect Financial Journey’s interests. Every action you take is 100% legal and ethical and would make you proud if you saw it on the news.
  • You’re humbly confident. Members look to us for guidance and leadership, so you have the courage to speak up when you know the answer and ask for help when you don’t.
  • You represent Financial Journey well. We may seem casual, but we are truly professionals with high standards. Those standards are reflected in how well you speak, write, show-up, and your quality of execution.
  • You take ownership and follow through when you say you’ll do something. You welcome excellence, accountability, and responsibility. (There’s no blame, excuses, or denial around here.)
  • You have fun. You realize there’s more to life than work and allow our community to feel your “fun vibes.”

How to apply:

Introduce yourself, show us how you show up for members. Shoot a short video telling us why you want this job. Specifically, we’d like to know:

Send us a three-minute (maximum) video of yourself answering five questions:

  1. Why are you interested in this position?
  2. What do you know about our company?
  3. What are your strengths?
  4. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  5. What personally excites you in life?

We value your ability to communicate and connect with people. While your video production isn’t so important, take some time preparing what you want to tell us. There’s no prize for first response, we’re looking for how you show up.

You’re not required to go to an office, but it’s a bonus if you can attend a weekly in-person company meeting in Flower Mound, Texas.

We’re accepting applications up until Sunday, March 31st.

We’ll let you know when we’ve received your application. After that, you probably won’t hear from us until the application deadline has passed. We want to give everyone who’s interested a fair chance to apply.

Send us your application, and we can’t wait to meet you.