After Year-End Manipulation Checklist

Ways to save on last year’s taxes 

  1. Late (but legal) Contributions
    • 401K Contributions
    • IRA Contributions
    • HSA Contributions
  2. CESA contribution – no write-off
  3. Change of Accounting Methods
    • Cost Segregation Study
    • Cash to Accrual & vice versa
  4. Real Estate Deductions
    • Bonus depreciation
    • Maximize safe-harbor write-off
    • Section 179
    • Special allocation of sales price
    • Partial Disposition
  5. Making sure you’ve deducted all you’re entitled to – we’ve got a checklist for this
  6. Use a combination of these strategies to eliminate ordinary income and pay 0% on the first ~$94K of capital gains
  7. Contribution to an Opportunity Zone to defer capital gains and eliminate future capital gains on the new project